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February 2023
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The eyes of Fox
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Posted by: Mindofmax @ 9:03 pm

I was watching Fox News or “Faux News” as I often hear it called.  It is usually fun to watch Glenn Beck come up with new boogiemen for us to tremble about.  Since he was not crying I think someone was standing in for him.  

Ann Coulter was on with her usual words of peace and love.  She talked about how important it is for airports to use profiling.  This was shortly after a rather amateurish, but still terrifying, attempt on a flight over Chicago.  Looking for Muslim looking men, not worrying so much about being ‘PC’, torturing whomever we get our hands on, and more of her tough talk.  I guess if she were in charge, the TSA could stop wasting time searching white people, or anyone with O’Reilly or Palin t-shirts and concentrate on dark skinned non-Christian people.  Watch out for Snoop Dogg and Muhammad Ali.  I am not sure if Miss Coulter thinks The President falls into this category, as she said in the same ramble, that President Obama had attended a madrassa while a child.  

As I was starting to think about whether, in her view, Obama should be on a no fly list,
my eyes were transfixed by her eyes.  It was like she had glued butterfly wing-parts to them.  Not the typical over-sized lashes of the Minnie Mouse variety, but as if she lost one, so split the remaining one between the two eyes, gluing each half carefully to the outside of each lid.  I found it very distracting.

 I know she does not fact-check what she says, but one would think she should at least face check.  I am sure that Palin does.  Face check, that is.

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  1. Brian Says:
    Soooooo where do you stand now?… grin
  2. Deejay Says:
    Great tihkning! That really breaks the mold!

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